Sara Hagerman 

Pluralistic Psychotherapist



50 min
I am a pluralistic psychotherapist, meaning I actively collaborate with you as a client in order to develop a personalised approach that best suits your needs and goals for therapy, mixing explorative work to gain awareness of patterns, as well as practical tools to change behaviour patterns.


I am a registered psychotherapist/counsellor, as well as a counselling psychologist in the final stage of training, with many years of experience in the NHS, universities and schools, cancer and mental health charities, youth homelessness and in refugee support.

I believe that therapy allows you to take a more active role in understanding and experiencing your emotions. When we are not aware of our emotions or ideas, it can mean we act out certain behaviours - or experience certain feelings - without knowing why. And while we might be able to tolerate this for some time - perhaps even for a long time - I believe there is a difference between surviving and living.

Developing a closer - or less mysterious - relationship with ourselves can allow us to go beyond living life passively and begin to really experience it. I find that many of us underestimate the effect that living can have on us. Our upbringings, environment, the pressures of society - these things can all accumulate and make it difficult for us to understand who we are, or be at peace with how we feel.

My therapy is underpinned by the belief that no-one is fundamentally broken. We may all face struggles - some of us profound ones - but we all also have the potential find our way back to a better way of being, and a better relationship with ourselves.

As a LGBTQ+ specialist therapist I work with issues to do with kink/BDSM, and alternative/non-traditional relationship styles (including polyamory and non-monogamy), and I am dedicated to practicing in a non-judgmental and intersectional manner, regardless of ethnicity, culture, disability, gender or sexuality. I have a particular interest in working with non-monogamous, polyamorous, or open couples or individuals, as well as with non-binary and bisexual clients


The therapeutic work may not always be focused on this facet in particular, but it is often important to acknowledge and bring to awareness the psychological impact of being part of a group that is stigmatised, marginalised or otherwise oppressed.

I am also a native Swedish speaker and can work with clients in Swedish/Norwegian/Danish if this is your preference.

I am also experienced in working with expat clients and issues concerning cultural differences and nomadic living, including having to set up flexible scheduling for sessions as a result of this type of lifestyle.


Doctorate in Counselling Psychology (ongoing)

Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling

Graduate Certificate in Counselling Skills

BSc (Hons.) Psychology







Trauma, relationships, sex & sexuality, life transition, emotional regulation, anxiety, depression, stress and
minority stress


Gender issue

Cultural issues


Childhood trauma

Sexual violence