Helsa partner therapists taking part in the dedicated COVID-19 Mental Health Support initiative 

All our partner therapists are professionally qualified, accredited by their professional bodies, have proven track record of working with LGBTQ+ clients battling with stress, anxiety, depression, minority stress and loneliness, as well as their individual further expertise and specialism.

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Anthony Chatzifotiou
samuele Russo
Eliana Riccardi
melissa mcgrath
Scott Houston
jason demant
Sara Hagerman
shaun Bruwer
killian Grogan
Stuart alderton
Adina Oltean
Tom Sobel
Phil kenny
Ali Bushell
Marek Sarnecki
Hal Musazlioglu
Tim Reynolds
George Bowlay-Williams
Nicholas Jagels
Bodhi Hunt
Serra Pitts
James Whittaker
Rima Hopkins
Maxim Ilyashenko