50 min
Melissa McGrath 

Psychosynthesis Counsellor



I work creatively with clients to assist them on their path to understanding their thoughts, feelings, experiences to support a move toward positive change and understanding.


I trained as a counsellor to be of service in a different way after a long career in the arts. My aim is to hold space safely and offer an empathic, non-judgmental environment for people to explore their thoughts, feelings and experiences across all walks of life in a way that allows for growth and positive change.

As a lesbian who has worked with a range of clients and been part of our community for over twenty years I hope to offer space for reflection and understanding of why we are how we are. Looking at our whole selves using Psychosynthesis as the theory allows me to work creatively with clients and offer a unique lens with which to help people untangle their experiences and also look forward to their wants and desires.

Potential is a key word in the work I do and reconnecting to self allows for a deeper view in to ourselves and the world we live in. I am keen to support people through transitions of all kinds and also allow for exploration of the shame that we in our community can feel in an ever evolving world that feels more extreme in its views day to day.

I work from an intersectional feminist perspective that allows all views and political opinions to be voiced taking in to account the impact of the climate emergency and the pressures younger people feel as a result of this. We live in changing times, not all good, and I hope to support people as they try to make sense of themselves and their place in this world as a unique human, but also as someone part of the collective unconscious that exists.


Postgraduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling







Sex & sexuality, relationships, bereavement, anxiety, depression, stress and minority stress


Life changes

Chronic health conditions