Hal Musazlioglu

Person-Centred Therapist



50 min
Working as a Person-Centred therapist, I especially focus on developing a relationship between my client and me, its emerging trust and, if presented, on my client's cultural/religious upbringing should they have meant obstacles in the path towards their happiness.


I am a BACP-registered, Person-Centred/humanistic therapist, who works relationally. In practise this means that you, my client and whatever you currently feel and go through, are central. No theories, hypothesises or conclusions and abiding by strict codes of ethics and confidentiality throughout.

Speaking from experience, it really seems that precisely the more there is a bond, an awareness of what's emerging in the relationship of client and therapist, the sooner the healing starts. My recognition and unconditional acceptance of you and your feelings, eventually will aid in you recognizing and accepting your own true person, who you are and where you currently are in your life.

I focus on the obstructions that stand between you and a happier/more fulfilled you and will explore ways with you to tackle these. We're likely to explore if/how personal boundaries have been set, how they are maintained and ways of defending and standing up to them - meaning yourself.

I never judge, never pathologize but focus on the helpful, the constructive, the affirmative. I'll mirror and share my thoughts and feelings with you transparently, I'll invite you from first session onwards to do so too. I'll guide you through this personal and emotional trajectory until you feel safe and confident enough to cope with whatever life continues to throw at you.


Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies







OCD, alcohol & drugs, sex & sexuality, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, stress and
minority stress


Cultural issues