Ali Bushell

Integrative therapist



50 min
I work relationally - with me you can be yourself, feel safe to discuss what you want and know that your choices and wishes will be respected without judgement from me.


As a queer person growing up in the UK in the 90's and 2000's I know first hand what it is to experience homophobia and hostility from others, not feel safe or get the things I wanted from relationships or sex. I wasn't provided with care and support growing up and I certainly didn't receive affirmation for who I was, I had to seek help from others and (sadly) work a lot of it out myself.

But my understanding of this issue is not just rooted in my own experience. I study this area, have worked with queer clients and continually research this and adjacent areas like trans, other gender expression and diverse relationship types. I want to help others to make sure they didn't spend as much time feeling lost in their lives as I did in mine so that they can find happiness and acceptance, from themselves and others.

I'm also a practitioner of Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS) which allows clients to access parts of themselves which cause extreme behaviour, hold unpleasant or difficult beliefs or thought processes (like negative self-image, anxiety or harsh self-judgement) as well as compulsive processes like addiction. IFS allows us to see what those parts of us are trying to achieve, what they fear might happen if they stopped in their role, and negotiating a new role for them with the client in the lead instead of the part. IFS can have quite quick results as it goes directly to the source of the issue rather than using narrative exploration to see what is happening.


Diploma in therapeutic counselling

Certificate in counselling studies

Certificate in counselling skills







Alcohol & drugs, trauma, sex & sexuality, relationships, self-image, anxiety, depression, stress and minority stress


Anger management

Diverse relationships